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Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance

We are Kestria, the world's largest executive search alliance.

Kestria UAE provides a range of Executive and Talent Search services for clients across a broad range of sectors and specializes in Senior Management, Director-Level and Executive placements.

Kestria is solely represented in the United Arab Emirates by Aspire HR Consultants LLC.

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Kestria unveils a new name – Kestria

Kestria Global Executive Search Partners, the world’s largest executive search alliance, has unveiled a new name ‘Kestria’ as a part of an extensive rebranding initiative. The change represents the alliance’s growth, reflecting its current position and outstanding executive search service offering to the market.

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We are Kestria UAE

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Digitalisation in Life Sciences Ireland

BCG recently reported that less than 20% of biopharma companies have successfully executed a digital transformation, which is well below the 35% cross-industry average. The report also highlighted that this lack of success appears to be due to an incremental approach that has resulted in 88% of digitalisation efforts happening within silos, not company-wide. Therese Keohane, Director of Operations, Kestria Ireland, interviewed Mohamed Noor, Digitalisation Manager at NIBRT, about digitalisation in Life Sciences in Ireland.

AI and personalization: Enhancing shopping, recommendations and service

In today's retail industry, digital transformation rules are fueled by AI and tech advances. Consumers want personalized experiences, driving a rise in targeted marketing and custom products. Online shopping remains strong, complemented by a renewed interest in physical stores. Sustainability and ethics now heavily influence buying decisions, pushing retailers towards responsible practices. However, challenges like supply chain issues and changing consumer needs demand agility and innovation for continued success.

Board Search as a strategic and business-critical discipline

In the vast landscape of corporate governance, 'Board Search' emerges as a pivotal force with implications reaching across the globe. We analyze the intricacies of board appointments, examining their far-reaching effects on organizations worldwide. Furthermore, we highlight the strategic significance of 'Board Search,' showcasing its ability to drive international business success.

“The best service any organization can dream of
Collaborating with Kestria UAE & Egypt was one of the best decisions we took in the last two years. We were supplied with the best C-Suite executives/candidates in the market. We received, by far, the best service any organization can dream of and with minimal if not no tension. Thanks, Kestria team!”

Nihal Ibrahim HR Director, Kellogg's Egypt
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